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Mark Aukeman has over 25 years experience helping companies put their data to work.  In his current role as Senior Solutions Architect architect with Brighlight Business Analytics (a division of Sirius Computer Solutions), Mark designs and builds business intelligence solutions with a focus on advanced analytics and big data architecture.  A specialist in Netezza data warehouse technology, he has authored numerous blogs, presented at IBM/Netezza “Best Practice” conference sessions, and is a Netezza foundation skills instructor.  Mark is a nature buff and enjoys kayaking with his wife Sandy near their home on the Maine mid-coast.    mark.aukeman@siriuscom.com

The Big Picture

As much as we all like our professional pursuits, there really is life beyond data warehousing.  The banner picture on this blog is a glimpse of that big other world where we go to keep it all in perspective.

tidal_poolDriving by, you may miss this non-descript, over-sized puddle between the road and the craggy Maine mid-coast. But up close this tidal pool, which was a fascination of Rachel Carson (Silent Spring author), is teaming with marine life on an earthtone stage with splashes of pastel.  The Rachel Carson Tidal Pool is just north of the fishing village of New Harbor, Maine.

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  1. Hi Mark!

    I don’t know if you remember me from way back when at Marriott. I had meetings with you when building the Marriott Rewards Warehouse, and was always impressed with your attention to detail and expertise. I stumbled across your blog and am enjoying reading it. I hope you are doing well and hope you have more posts coming up soon. 🙂

    All the best to you,
    Gloria Lee

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